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UC Davis offers a number of classes on geospatial topics.

The current class search tools allow students to search for courses by subject area, but the subject area list does not include a category for geospatial technologies, a subject that has a growing number of courses on campus.  The list is constantly growing and changing, so please let us know if our information is out of date so we can update it.


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2013-2014 School Year

Fall 2013

LDA 150/ABT 150 - Introduction to GIS - Fall

ESM 185 - Aerial Photograph Interpretation

Winter 2014

ABT 182 - Geoinformatics (ArcMap/python & Google maps/earth mashups)

ESM 186 - Remote Sensing

ESM 186 L - Remote Sensing Lab

GEO 290 - Intoductory GIS - 1137 PES, 9-12 on Mondays, CRN: 68617, Contact: Richard Plant

Spring 2014

ECI 16 - Spatial Data Analysis (CAD & GIS)

GEO 200CN - Quantitative geography (spatial statistics and data analysis, using R)

STA 237A - includes stationary processes, autocorrelation, and spectral analysis in one dimension


Courses Offered in the UCD Catalog


  • ABT 181 - Concepts & Methods in GIS
  • ABT 182 - Programming in GIS, geoinformatics
  • ATM 128 - Radiation & Satellite Meteorology
  • ECI 16 - Spatial Data Analysis (CAD & GIS) - Spring
  • ECS 10 - Basic Concepts of Computing - not focused on geospatial concepts, but the underlying computer skills are an excellent foundation for learning geospatial skills.
  • ECS 124 - Theory & Practice of Bioinformatics
  • ESM 6 - Map Reading & Remote Sensing
  • ESM 185 - Aerial Photograph Interpretation - Fall
  • ESM 186 - Remote Sensing - Winter
  • ESM 186 L - Remote Sensing Lab - Winter
  • HYD 182 - Environmental Analysis using GIS
  • LDA 150 - Introduction to GIS - Fall
  • SAS 5 - GIS & Society


See Geography Graduate Group: Methods, Models and GIS

  • GEO 200CN - Quantitative Methods in Geography

  • GEO 198/298 Geospatial Studio - A collection of Group Studies and Seminars organized by the graduate group. Previous course materials are available via the smartsite.

  • HYD 273 - Introduction to Geostatistics
  • HYD 286 - Selected Topics in Remote Sensing
  • HYD 275 - Analysis of Spatial Processes
  • STA 237A - includes stationary processes, autocorrelation, and spectral analysis in one dimension (spring)


See the UC Davis Extensions website or the Extension's GIS course listing page.  Courses cycle much more frequently than the main campus, so the most up-to-date listings and offerings will be found on the Extension's website.  The Extension also offers a Professional Concentration in GIS for those wishing to earn a certificate.

Courses Offered at the Extension:

GIS for Watershed Analysis: Beginning
GIS for Watershed Analysis: Intermediate
GIS for Watershed Analysis: Advanced
Python Programming for GIS
Understanding GIS Modeling for Sustainable Communities
Data Acquisition and Evaluation/GPS
Developing Resource Management Projects with ArcView
GIS Data Development and Integration
GIS Database Design
GIS for Resource Managers and Professionals
Introduction to Geographic Informations Systems
Using GIS to Manage, Analyze, and Promote Sustainability