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Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis

Geospatial Analysis for YOUR Research


Geospatial Consulting aids researchers at UC Davis and the surrounding community with the geospatial aspects of their research, including map making (paper or web), spatial analysis, data preparation, spatial statistics, and many others.  Geospatial Consulting provides expertise across the entire field of geospatial technologies using both proprietary and open source software and tools.

Past projects have included developing a river digital elevation model (DEM) from point depth measurements, analysis of locations of medical incidents for the UCD Medical Center, location map figures for books & journal articles, finding and assessing data sources for modeling applications, development of a web map showing historic Native American properties and associated documents, creating shapefiles from field GPS measurement, and advising for spatial statistics.

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Pricing for services are based on the number of hours required to complete the project.  Contact us for an estimate for your project.

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