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Office: Wickson 2009

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Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis
Center for Spatial Sciences
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
1 Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616


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Dr. Alex Mandel Coordinator - specializes in geo-informatics and geoweb technology.

Dr. Aniruddha Ghosh specializes in applications of remote sensing, geographic modelling.

Would you like to join our staff?  Please email us.


Internships for both undergraduate and graduate students are offered on a quarterly basis with topics ranging from biogeography and environmental science to health and planning.  Course credit may be available for some internships.  Please contact us for more information on the possible topics for an internship.

Current Intern

George Hsu - Data quality control

Previous Interns

Antonio Cruz - Time based geographic visualization

Tina Nguyen - geospatial data source database

Kathrina Gregana - translating QGIS into Tagalog

Victoria Yu - Web map data support and discovery


The Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis has a unique history.  A group of graduate students formed the idea of having a formalized consulting service on campus after many had been approached to assist faculty and graduate students with maps and geographic analysis. The campus already offered statistical consulting, but it seemed that it also needed a venue for answering geospatial questions.

In 2009, the students formed a graduate level Group Study course, supported by Jim Quinn as the faculty member in charge.  In the course, the students took a multi-pronged approach to learn as much as they could about consulting in a 10 week course.  They invited established consultants to give lectures about the consulting industry.  To assess the viability of the service, the students advertised for faculty and graduate students to participate in the course as clients.  The students took on projects and questions offered by the clients as a way to learn how to consult.  The response to the request for clients produced more potential projects than the course could accommodate, illustrating the demand for a consulting service on campus.  The students also developed a written business plan for the service.

In 2011, a group of students, Jim Quinn, and Karen Beardsley, began the process of submitting documents to formalize the service and have a rate to charge clients, using the documents developed in the group study course.

In early 2013, the Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis opened its doors.

In 2015, Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis became part of the Center for Spatial Sciences