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Cartography Tools

Online Tools

Adobe Kuler - an online color scheme selection tool

Color Brewer - graphic interface for color selection

Compare-a-Map - a tool for selecting base maps for use in online web maps.

ESRI's Map Evaluation Guidelines - a list of questions to ask yourself before you finish your map

MapShaper - a tool for simplifying and smoothing data layers

Type Brewer - graphic interface for text selection



Color Brewer ArcGIS Extension - a tool for ArcGIS that accesses Color Brewer

Color Oracle - a tool for designing for vision impairments like color blindness

Flex Projector - a tool for creating custom world map projections

Inkscape - a free, open source vector illustration program; great for polishing maps


Free Fonts

Google Fonts


Icon Art

PhyloPic - open licensed silhouettes of life forms

The Noun Project - collection of icons, some of which are open licensed


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