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Free geospatial data-distributing websites.


Also, see the UCD Library's list of data available at:



Bay Area Protected Areas Database (BPAD) - protected areas in the Bay Area from the Bay Area Open Space Council.

Cal Atlas - public datasets for the State of California

California Climate Commons - data resources related to climate change

California Coastal Records Project - Oblique air photos of the California coast from 1972 to present day.

California Coastal Sediment Master Plan - datasets relating to the California coast

California's Protected Area Database (CPAD) - outlines of various categories of protected land in California, such as state and federal park land

CalTrans GIS Data Library - transportation network data

CERES - Natural resource data for the State of California from the California Natural Resources Agency

DFG's BIOS - California Department of Fish & Game's Biogeographic Information & Observation System - biogeographic data for natural resource research in California

Dams - location data for the dams under the jurisdiction of the State of California

DWR's California Data Exchange Center - data from the Department of Water Resource, including water ways, reservoirs, and snow pack data.

Farmland Mapping & Monitoring - locations of farm and agricultural resources since 1984

Fire Resource & Assessment Program (FRAP) - Datasets for to assessing fire risks

Geoportal - a map interface for searching California's geospatial data

Humoboldt State Library's Digital Spatial Data - a list of data sources for California, the US, and Global

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) - layers for the Sacramento area pertaining to zoning, ordinances, and planning.

Sacramento County GIS - data for Sacramento County, mainly infrastructure

Statewide Database - Election & redistricting data

Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) - surface water data

Ventura County Historical Wetlands - San Francisco Estuary Institute's study results for historical wetlands in Ventura County.

In & Around Davis

City of Davis GIS - data developed and provided by the City of Davis

Yolo County GIS - geospatial data for Yolo County

Other Local Data

Louisiana's Strategic Online Natural Resource Information System - natural resource data for Louisiana including oil drilling

Open Topography - lidar datasets for various locations around the world

Safecast's Radiation Data - geolocated radiation data, mainly for Japan

USGS Coastal & Marine Geology - Pacific West Coast - geology geographic data for the west coast of North America

State GIS Data - University of Oregon's list of state GIS resources by state



Alexandria Digital Library - satellite imagery and air photos searchable via a map interface

Avian Knowledge Network - bird locations for the western hemisphere

Center for Disease Control & Prevention - much of their data can be joined to a shapefile for making maps.

GeoCommunity - a clearing house for publicaly available GIS data and imagery

Climate Wizard - The Nature Conservancy's outlet for climate data - US Government's open data site

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water - water and coastal datasets for the US

Humoboldt State Library's Digital Spatial Data - a list of data sources for California, the US, and Global

National Conservation Easement Database - a national database of conservation easements

National Estuarine Research Reserve System - estuary data from reserves around the US

NOAA Data Access Viewer - a map interface for searching for coastal (both oceanic and Great Lakes) data

NOAA National Climatic Data Center - World's largest archive of climate data. Online access is free for .gov, .edu, .mil, k12, and other selected domains and many products are free for all users. The archives contain data that goes back into the 1800's for some types and locations.

NOAA Shorelines - coastlines for all the continents, oceanic islands, and major inland lakes and rivers

NOAA US Interagency Elevation Inventory - Available and planned elevation (lidar) datasets for the US

PRISM Climate Data - raster interpolations of climate data from 1895 to the present

US Census Data - a list of options for downloading census data

US Census TIGER Geographic Products - shapefiles for census tracts, zip codes, and other census products

USDA Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse - raster and vector data from the Forest Service's topo maps

USDA NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway - many types of data such as climate, precipitation, conservation easements, etc.

USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey - SSURGO, soil classifications

USGS Earth Explorer - imagery and lidar data for the United States

USGS National Hydrography Dataset - watersheds, streams, rivers, etc. for the United States

USGS National Map Viewer - topographical, cultural, and physical data for the United States

Wetland Mapper - wetland data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Zillow's Neighborhood Boundaries - neighborhood boundaries downloadable by state



Data Basin - Data storage and serving of scientific spatial data (free log-in required)

GADM - global administrative boundaries; download global or country data; more detail than Natural Earth

Geofabrik - Shapefiles from Open Street Map

Humoboldt State Library's Digital Spatial Data - a list of data sources for California, the US, and Global

Natural Earth - cultural and physical data

Open Flights - flight data for airlines world-wide (free log-in required)

Satellite Geodesy - global topography, bathymetry, and gravity datasets derived from satellite data by UCSD


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