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Tutorials & Home Learning

UCD has a number of resources available to help you hone your geospatial skills outside of the traditional classroom.

ESRI Tutorials

UCD affiliates can access hundreds of ESRI's tutorials for free, including the premium tutorials.  Interested people should view the list of available free and premium tutorials. You can access free tutorials immediately.  If you would like to access a premium tutorial, email Karen Beardsley with the name of tutorial they would like to use.  Karen will email you back with the registration information.  Please limit your selection to one or two premium tutorials at a time.  You may request more once you've finished the previous tutorials you have requested.

ESRI has a set of free tutorials available through their Virtual Campus program.


Open Source Tutorials

Many Software Tutorials

OSGeo Live provides start-up guides for MANY open source geospatial programs like QGIS, GRASS, and so many more.


QGIS is an open source desktop GIS used around the world.  Tutorials for Quantum GIS are available for free online.  Because of the ever-change nature of the open source world, we suggest that a google search can help you find the most up to date tutorials.  Dr. Richard Plant's QGIS Tutorials is a good place to get started.

Spatial Data in R

National Park Service's Spatial Data in R Tutorial


UCD Library

The library has developed an impressive subject guide specifically for mapping and geospatial tools: Use the tabs to find information by sub-topic.